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Capture real-time factory performance data with DataCard, fully automate your facility with RunCard or combine the two services for full circle data capture, decision automation and increased ROI.
David Sylvia

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David Sylvia

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Dan Rocheleau

Why automation control in fiber optic cable assembly manufacturing operations?

With the rapidly changing demands and conditions in the factory, supply network, and customer requirements, automation is a solution many are looking towards. Smart manufacturing is the new buzz as more cable assembly houses embrace their need for fully-integrated and collaborative manufacturing systems.
With goals for higher quality products, improved productivity and efficiency, manufacturers need to access new and growing forms of business intelligence.

What is an “MES” system, and how can it help my fiber optic cable assembly business?
In the world of corporate-acronym-speak, most manufacturers are very familiar with ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) or MRP (“Material Resource Planning”) systems: software packages designed to automate control of various manufacturing operations.

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