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Window to the World

Beyond Distribution

focenterFiber Optic Center (FOC) is a global distributor and technical consulting company with several areas of specialization and expertise. FOC’s main focus is assisting cable assembly houses with supplies, equipment, consulting and technical support in the manufacturing and testing of fiber optic cable assemblies. FOC is the industry connection to the most innovative optical products, technologies and technical experts. Our technical experts integrate their manufacturing knowledge and vast experience into customers’ worldwide operations.

As an industry leader, FOC is considered “at least as technical as the manufacturer” about the products they sell. FOC strives to “make the business part easy,” offering outstanding and personal customer service, marketing services, low or no minimum purchase order values, and from-stock delivery on industry-leading products and technology.

What is Window to the World?

It is hard to build a business and do science at the same time.   Sometimes what is beWindow2World_transst is the right partner.

FOC is a dedicated, trustworthy high tech marketing, sales and distribution company with global reach, and the staff and resources to handle all of the business aspects of early growth.

That way, you can concentrate on developing your unique products while staying close to the customer concerning their technical issues, applications, and future requirements.

Focus your resources on products, and let FOC handle the business concerns.

Services provided:

  • Stocking distribution: keeping product in inventory as appropriate, for immediate shipment if possible. Encouraging batch production while handling small orders.
  • Worldwide sales: ordering, shipping, billing and collecting.
  • Marketing services: website creation and hosting, logo and data sheet creation, representation at appropriate trade shows worldwide, engaging reps or distributors for specific territories, countries and industries or applications.
  • Regular point of sale reports and provision of direct contact information for all users and prospects: FOC remains “transparent on a technical level.”
  • Street level eyes and ears: your sentry in the competitive landscape.


Ångström Products

Fiber Optic Center, the global supplier of Ångström products, is an industry leader in customer service, business development and technical support.

FOC strives to make the business part easy: courteous customer service PEOPLE (not automated phone choices) who answer questions or find someone else who can.



Neal Weiss

Founder and President

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Mobile: 617-899-9271
Twitter: @NealWeiss_FOC

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