ÅngströmLink AL-6261, 6263, 6264, 6265 (OKP4, OKP4HT, OKP1, OKP850*) are high purity optically clear thermoplastics designed especially for injection molding of high performance optical components such as phone and camera lenses, and display backlights.


AL-6261, 6263, 6264 & 6265 feature high refractive index (1.61, 1.63, 1.64 & 1.65 respectively) and light transmittance comparable to optical grade polycarbonate. They have high heat resistance to withstand lead-free soldering processes, and excellent optical and thermal stability.
These products are supplied in pellet form consistent with normal injection molding processes.


AL-6261 - Digital and video camera lenses
AL-6263 - Mobile phone lenses
AL-6264 - Where low birefringence is advantageous
AL-6265 - High heat applications / High refractive index

Catalogued in Zemax,

in the ANGSTROMLINK catalogue as:

AL-6261 – (OKP4)          

AL-6263 – (OKP4HT)

AL-6264 – (OKP1)

AL-6265 – (OKP850)


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High Refractive Index ( >1.60 )
Increased numerical aperture for the system

Injection moldable
High fluidity for injection molded parts undistorted by stress

Optical transmission comparable to polycarbonate
Higher refractive index and lower birefringence than polycarbonate

High environmental resistance
Rugged material that can provide long term service

Low Abbe number
Higher levels of correction of chromatic aberration can be achieved

Wide temperature service
Ensures stability of performance