“I approached Fiber Optic Center because we were having a problem getting consistent results with our connector polishing process.  Paul, who handles my account,  told me that he would see if he could get one of the outside guys to stop by and take a look.  Within a week, Dan was in my office, working hand in hand with our operators to figure out the problem.  Dan stayed late that evening, and even came back the next morning to put a process in place that greatly improved our process and yield!  We saw an immediate improvement in both quality and efficiency.

The one thing I like about working with FOC is the ability that they have to explain the technical aspects of fiber optics to all levels of my work force.  Whether it’s a seasoned veteran, or a new hire, every time they come out our team improves.  They are easy to work with, and always eager to help out.  I would recommend FOC to everyone except my competition!”

Chris Foy – Lynn Electronics Corporation

Fiber Optic Center (FOC)

About Fiber Optic Center (FOC)

Fiber Optic Center (FOC) is proud to post both external and internal articles as helpful resources. FOC is an international high technology sales, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and consulting company. FOC has several areas of specialization and expertise, in which they are the industry leader, making them the preferred choice for many of the world’s fiber professionals. In these key technology areas, FOC is “at least as technical as the manufacturer” about the products they sell. FOC also strives to “make the business part easy,” offering outstanding and personal customer service, low or no minimum purchase order values, and from-stock delivery on industry-leading products and technology. Their main focus is assisting cable assembly houses with supplies, equipment, consulting and technical support in the manufacturing and testing of fiber optic cable assemblies. FOC is the industry connection to the most innovative optical products, technologies and technical experts who integrate their manufacturing knowledge and vast experience into customers’ worldwide operations.