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Optical Coatings / AL-22




AL-2233 is a low refractive index (1.33), and low surface energy, optical polymer suspended in an evaporative solvent.  It is simply applied to a substrate by dip or spin coating, spraying, screening, etc.  Evaporation of the solvent leaves behind an amorphous film of the optical polymer.  The deposited film thickness is controlled by the starting concentration of optical polymer dissolved in the solvent.  Film thicknesses ranges from 5nm to 10u and easily customized for any layer thickness in-between by adjusting the concentration of the dissolved optical polymer prior to application.  This products low refractive index makes it ideal for enhancement of total internal reflection.  Other applications include quarter wave antireflection coatings and optical grade mold release.

ÅngstromLink AL-2233 is a high purity transparent polymer coating product designed specifically for coating of optical and photonic components. It may be applied by spin coating, or dip coating, or may be used to form a thin sheet of coating material by casting on a flat substrate or in a mold. The low refractive index of AL-2233 makes it ideal for enhancement of total internal reflection at grazing incidence optical interfaces where unintentionally applied layers of organic hydrocarbons might otherwise cause ray leakage from the lightpath. Suitable applications for AL-2233 are as a lightguide cladding, an anti-reflection (AR) coating on lenses, a planar polymer waveguide cladding and overcoat, a mold release for precision plastic optics, and an optically clear low surface energy barrier film for preventing migration of adhesives on optical substrates. The product is available in several standard concentrations, allowing a choice of a range of coating thicknesses per coat. AL-2233 offers a service temperature range up to +110°C (up to +300°C for transient soldering operations).


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