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At first glance, “shipping” doesn’t appear to be a jazzy, snazzy topic. Actually, it’s incredibly important to YOU.

If you manufacture fiber optic cable assemblies and you need something – anything – then you need to get the correct item, delivered on time.



Fiber Optic Center, Inc. (FOC) may be the only company in the world that sells and ships all the equipment, components, and consumables required to produce fiber optic cable assemblies. As your sourcing partner, this means our Shipping Department works hard to ensure the quality, accuracy, appearance, and speedy delivery of every package we ship.


In fact, here are a few key activities on our Shipping Department’s checklist:

  • Stock all items needed for fiber optic cable assembly production and testing
  • Locate and procure any non-stock items you may need
  • Understand your delivery requirements and other instructions
  • Ship the proper items, with accurate quantities
  • Take care to ensure you receive a clean, well-identified, undamaged, secure package
  • Ensure you receive the shipment on time, with proper documentation
  • Quickly arrive at a solution to overcome any hurdles or issues


With FOC as your sourcing partner, you reduce inventory costs.

FOC customers know they can depend on our Shipping Department for fast delivery of the equipment, components, and consumables they need to maintain production schedules. More, they can do this without carrying the costs of inventory by using FOC as their “shelf.” This is a significant benefit to any fiber optic cable assembly house. You can readily access the thousands of production items you need without investing substantial financial resources to purchase, store, and inventory each and every item.


Here’s a quick update of our in-progress activities to further streamline and improve shipping.

We’re proud of our Shipping Department’s track record of ensuring package quality, accuracy, appearance, and speedy delivery. Still, there’s always room for improvement. To this end, FOC recently announced the promotion of William (Billy) Sorell to Shipping Supervisor. Billy will lead the charge in our commitment to improve daily operations, deploy a new inventory management tool, and continuously improve the Shipping Department’s delivery of the “FOC Customer Experience.”


  1. Improve daily operations– We are completing build-out projects of our physical space and reorganizing our inventory, which will streamline the fulfillment process.  Also, when you call to place an order, you may notice that we ask more questions to clarify your packaging and shipping preferences. Additionally, our Shipping Department will evaluate all aspects of inventory and shipping management to avoid unnecessary losses, avoid unnecessary shipping charges via improved internal planning and communication, and avoid errors with customers’ shipments thanks to multiple quality checkpoints.


  1. Deploy a new inventory management tool– We recently upgraded to a new shipping program to gain more control of the inventory and shipping process. Our new software is making a significant, positive difference by streamlining portions of the shipping process that previously had been a very time-consuming part of our business.


  1. Seek continual improvements to support the company brand: the “FOC Customer Experience” The “FOC Customer Experience” is the quality of the relationship between us and our customer over the duration of the relationship. The ingredients to a successful experience include awareness, understanding, relationship cultivation, trust, and loyalty. The experience is measured by the customer’s perception against expectations and success results in loyalty. How does this relate to the Shipping Department? When you place an order with FOC, one of your first impressions will be receiving your shipped package. You’ll judge the shipment’s quality, accuracy, appearance, and speedy delivery. That’s why the Shipping Department plays a critical role in delivering the “FOC Customer Experience.”


We’ve got your back…

As your sourcing partner, FOC maintains a massive inventory of the equipment, components, and consumables you need to manufacture high-performing fiber optic cable assemblies.

Thanks to our Shipping Department’s strong working relationships with vendors, internal teamwork, and logistical prowess, we have built – and are improving – a shipping system that delivers.


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