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New Bedford, MA, USA, April 4, 2017 Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, announces the FOC Cleaving Station, booth 455, at ECOC 2017 with demonstrations of three key pieces of equipment: 1) Phenix Fibersect Mechanical Connector Cleaver, 2) Cometx Laser Cleaving System and 3) OptiSaber MT Laser Cleaver.

Phenix Fibersect Mechanical Connector Cleaver from Phenix Fiber Optics provides a small footprint and battery power for portability on the production floor. (

Cometx from Sagitta Engineering Solutions Ltd enables efficient and quick laser cleaving of fiber/s during the connector termination process.  There are four different versions including:

  • Cometx-Si: For laser cleaving of single fiber connectors prior to polishing (
  • Cometx-Mt: For laser cleaving of multiple and/or single fiber connectors prior to polishing (
  • Cometx-Ssp: For laser cleaving of multiple and/or single fiber connectors prior to polishing to be terminated by Single Step Polishing (
  • Cometx-Bf: For laser cleaving of multiple and/or single fiber in Bare Fiber/s application (for non-physical contact connectors) (

OptiSaber MT Laser Cleaver from Domaille Engineering is a fiber forming machine that increases production yield on multi-fiber (MTP/MPO) applications and reduction in process variation associated with cracking typical of mechanical cleaving methods. (

Previously posted cleaving content from Fiber Optic Center includes:

Appointments for the FOC Cleaving Station, ECOC 2017 booth 455, can be made through Kathleen Skelton at for demos.  Additionally, booth presentations on ‘Termination Process, Connectors and Cleaving’ are available during show hours.  Walk-ups are also welcomed.

Solutions to be presented include end face quality reworks, core cracks, chip outs elimination, increasing production yield on multi-fiber (MTP/MPO) applications, portability on the production floor, minimizing polishing, eliminating manual cleaving and denubbing steps.


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