New Bedford, MA, USA, November 18, 2016 Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, announces the addition of the US Conec IBC™ Brand Ferrule Cleaner MTP-16™ and IBC™ Brand Ferrule Cleaner PRIZM® MT / MXC to their extensive cable assembly lines options.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) created Standard 61300-3-35, which provides guidelines about the size and amount of dirt and contamination for single and multi-fiber end-faces and also specifies both the pass/fail requirements for endface quality and a process to verify the connector meets these requirements.

When it comes to fiber installations, cleanliness is the key to success.   There are solutions to ensure that clean fibers will provide clean connections.  Prevention is that simple. Cleaning saves time and money.

mtp_16_wcap IBC™ Brand Ferrule Cleaner MTP-16™

IBC™ Brand Cleaner MTP-16™ is a multifiber cleaner which cleans MTP-16™, TIA-604-5 compliant MPO connectors only.  This cleaner can be used to clean both flat and angled MTP-16™ ferrules.

Part #: 17669


mxc_cleanerIBC™ Brand Ferrule Cleaner PRIZM® MT / MXC 

The PRIZM® MT cleaning tool is designed specifically for use with US Conec’s PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technology.  The simple push style cleans bulkhead-mounted MXC® receptacles and has a guide cap to clean the cabled MXC plugs.

Part #: 15990

The FOC website offers, on each product page, the resource US ConecTechnical Note on Two-Row Singlemode Ferrule Y-offset and 20N Spring Force.  Quick Link:

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