New Bedford, MA, USA, April 27, 2020 – Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, announces the addition of Disposable Medical Face Masks to their inventory. The masks are currently in-stock and available for purchase.

The shortage of personal protective equipment, like face masks, continuing to be a serious problem for healthcare and frontline workers. FOC used their supply chain knowledge and corporate relationships to source and procure this necessary product.

Last month, FOC invested in a large inventory of Disposable Medical Face Masks from overseas for three distinct purposes:

  1. provide their staff,
  2. donate to nonprofits and frontline workers, and
  3. sell a portion to those in need of a source at a reasonable cost. Those sold will help the company continue the FOC Donation Program.

Disposable Medical Face Masks

FOC has donated to several medical organizations and hospitals, including hardest-hit here in Massachusetts, and though their product is not official N95 (the government-certified grade for health-care workers), and does not have a formal medical certification, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The Disposable Medical Face Masks that FOC is able to supply are close-fitting to keep virus-laden droplets away from the wearer’s mouth and nose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that a masks’ effectiveness is “highly dependent upon proper fit and use.”

Dedicated to ensuring that frontline workers do not have to resort to using less-effective masks or go without, FOC has extended an offer for any companies that would like to work, in partnership, with them on this mission should contact them directly at

Link to the product page can be found here:

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