We need to make short fiber with the coating removed in certain sections.  Some coatings are hard to remove.   Are there automated solutions for that?


We work with 3SAE Technologies who has designed and manufactured a wide range of high performance fiber optic stripping tools for optical fiber coating removal, providing the most advanced line of high strength thermal mechanical strippers, non-contact high strength fiber optic strippers and the industry’s only diameter adjustable thermal fiber stripper.

With several patents for fiber optic stripping, such as Burst™ Technology and the Ring of Fire®, 3SAE’s state-of-the-art non-contact, chemical free coating removal solutions are ideal for the end stripping and mid-span window stripping of optical fiber coatings such as acrylate, PVC, polyimide, carbon, and gold.

The FOC Factory Fiber Processingstep focuses on industry standard equipment selection supporting many of the above challenges. Please consult one of our technical experts at Fiber Optic Center for further information.

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Answered by AskFOC Technical Team September 5, 2019

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