A video overview of the Sagitta Cometx-BF Laser Cleaving System for Bare Fiber Cleaving & Stripping

Sagitta’s CO2 laser cleaving machine enables cleaving of bare fibers with no need for consecutive polishing. The laser cleaved fiber can be assembled directly into the next assembly phase and by that saving time, increasing yield, and making the entire assembly process much easier.

Benefits of the CometX-BF

  • Reduces headcount by eliminating processing steps
  • No polishing equipment and accessories required (and no maintenance on this equipment)
  • No abrasive consumable cost
  • High first pass yield (less production management and repair)
  • Improves connector reliability – laser “tempers/anneals” fiber endface relieving inherent fiber stresses
  • Cleaves fiber types that are not readily mechanically cleaved
  • Larger OD core fibers
  • Prep for splicing of OD fibers

Click here for complete information on the Sagitta CometX BF Laser Cleaving System for Bare Fiber Cleaving & Stripping

cleaving process
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