FOC-bwaiteTraditionally, the turn of the New Year is a time for change and Fiber Optic Center has embraced this tradition to its fullest for 2016.

As you might have read in our recent press release, Fiber Optic Center Announces New President and CEO,  as of January 1, 2016, I proudly became the President and CEO, Neal Weiss changed his title to Founder and will work part time as an adviser, and Tom Waite was promoted to Vice President.

Though Tom’s promotion will be seamless to our customers, we support Tom’s approach to this new position with the infamous “new year, new me,” motto (minus gym memberships) with strategic focus on the three departments he manages including customer service, shipping and inventory.

With a company focus on improvement over change, we keep in mind the goal Neal set to be the best partner for our customers and suppliers, as well as to be one of the best places to work.

Our customer service department will continue improving our unique customer experience by proactively anticipating our customers’ needs and expectations.  In 2016, Tom hopes to exceed them.

Tom will offer insight monthly through his FOC Customer Service Blog posted on our website and sent out through Twitter @TomWaite_FOC.  Additionally, we will have a special feedback line where customers can share thoughts, needs and suggestions with us at the new email.

Service excellence is an attitudeService excellence is an attitude and Tom intends to ensure it is ingrained in every department he manages from customer service to shipping to inventory control.

Tom started in IT at FOC in 2000 and went right to work on our website making sure it provided valuable information for the customer.  From there, he helped develop many of the business workflows used here.  His goal in designing these was to always make sure we had the tools to get the customers exactly what they wanted in a timely manner.


Tom Waite, Vice President

These systems had to be flexible allowing us to quickly respond to new requests for items we had not previously received and were not necessarily already in the system.  In other words, his job from day one was to take care of customer’s needs.  His ‘customer first’ philosophy will be integral in making sure we continue to succeed moving forward.

A part of Tom’s blog, to provide constant communication and sharing, will include thoughts, plans and experiences in shipping and inventory as well as customer service.

FOC will continue to measure our relationships, refine our processes, and proactively find solutions that guarantee continuous improvement.


Inventory remains a key piece in FOC’s foundation and this year will continue our daily commitment to strengthen processes and meet new demands.


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Ben Waite

About Ben Waite

Ben Waite, President and CEO Ben Waite began his career at Fiber Optic Center (FOC) in 1995. Ben brings his extensive experience in technical field work, business strategy and engineering management to his current position of President and CEO. Ben brings his manufacturing knowledge and experience into customers’ worldwide operations. In addition to his responsibilities at FOC, Ben has been an active member of the New England Fiberoptic Council for many years, including NEFC board positions as Secretary, Treasurer, and President. Ben graduated from Colby College with a BA in Physics, Math, and Science and Technology Studies. He and his wife reside outside New Bedford, with their three children, where they are deeply involved in their community and extended families. Outside of FOC, he can be found coaching youth Baseball and Soccer. Follow @BenWaite_FOC