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Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. (THC) is an international high technology consulting company incorporated by Wayne Kachmar and built on his 40+ years of optical cable industry experience.

Wayne Kachmar has participated in many innovations and seen the maturing of the industry. Over the years, Wayne has been involved in many unique projects to provide optical cable in diverse environments such as the underwater ROV that penetrated the Titanic, as well as cable that is in service sensing sub-atomic particles in the Antarctic ice.

Wayne developed a number of unique concepts and products using optical fibers as both information carriers and sensors where the cable became the sensor. These have included fiber laser ring gyroscope components and distributed acoustic sensors for terrestrial and underwater applications. As a principal investigator for many government sponsored projects, he has developed methods that push the state of the art in optical cable design and manufacture. Over his career, Wayne has been able to fuse this state of the art knowledge with conventional fiber cable design to significantly cost reduce both materials and processes

Below are just a few highlights from Wayne’s years of experience in the optical cable industry


Wayne Kachmar

With over 50 granted patents in fiber optic cables, connectors and tools and over 60 patents published or in process, Wayne’s path to TE Connectivity started when he founded and ran Northern Lights Cable, Inc. in 1988.   He sold the company to Prestolite Wire in late 1997 continuing as division CEO until 2000. In 2000, Prestolite Wire was packaged with other holdings of the owner to become GenTek (a publicly held company), which also acquired Krone that year. Wayne’s position transitioned to Director of R&D, managing the RD&E center. In 2004, all Krone divisions were acquired by ADC who itself was acquired by TE in December 2010.

In 2012, Wayne was named a TE Fellow in electro-optic engineering based on the length and depth of his technical knowledge and accomplishments. This is the highest technical title within the TE structure with less than 20 persons worldwide out of 8000 scientists and engineers within TE.

In 2015, Wayne incorporated his consulting company Technical Horsepower Consulting, LLC. and joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. as their Optical Cable Technical Expert.

Contact Wayne

Wayne Kachmar • 802-379-1130 • WKachmar@focenter.com

Business Development

Kathleen Skelton

Kathleen Skelton

Director Strategic Marketing

Direct: 508-717-8393
508-992-6464 with ext. 8393
Mobile: 617-803-3014


Kathleen has been a leader in the corporate business sector since 1991. Her experience includes management positions at Lightwave, KMI Research, PennWell Publishing, Beacon Communications, and Security Innovations, Inc.

As a strategic marketing director, she utilizes her expertise in business development, online strategy, marketing planning, digital best practices, standard operating procedures development, and database design, management and training. Kathleen has global business and marketing experience.

Outside of FOC, Kathleen is passionate about her volunteer work for several organizations. She works with youth groups teaching business strategy for various community projects. Kathleen is committed to developing tomorrow’s leaders through exciting, strategy-focused business education. This mission guides all of her work outside of the corporate office.

Kathleen is a graduate from Curry College and currently resides outside of Boston, MA with her family.

David Sylvia

David Sylvia

Sales Department Manager

Direct: 508-717-8491
508-992-6464 with ext. 8491


David Sylvia joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. (FOC) in 2001 after previous experience in sales, production and general management positions. Since joining FOC, Dave has held positions in purchasing, customer service management, sales and currently is FOC Sales Manager. Known for solving customer problems in creative and effective ways, Dave enjoys working out solutions that mutually benefit the customer and FOC. He resides in Fairhaven, MA where he enjoys traveling, running, yoga, golf, and time with his family. The Sylvia clan includes his wife Kimberly, of 26 years, three children, Brenden, Makenzie and Rylee and one grandchild, Kylie. Outside of FOC, Dave is President of a non-profit organization in his home town and for the past eleven years has been passionate about their work supporting the youth in that and surrounding towns with mentoring, scholarships and sport activity support.

Ethan Weiss

Ethan Weiss

Consulting Sales Manager

Direct: 508-717-8583
508-992-6464 with ext. 8583


Sandra Araujo

Sandra Araujo

Accounting Manager

Direct: 508-717-8353
508-992-6464 with ext. 8353

Michael Thorpe

Michael Thorpe

Customer Service Manager

Direct: 508-717-8493
508-992-6464 with ext. 8493

Technical Expert Support Team

Mario Goduco

Mario Goduco

Polishing Processes Expert

Mobile: 617-803-5089


Mario Goduco is in Business Development for Fiber Optic Center. He has over 25 years in manufacturing, operations and business development with AMP, Thomas and Betts, Aster Corp., and Adirondack Wire and Cable design, manufacturing and sales of fiber optic connectors, fiber optic cable assemblies, optical splitters/wdms. In the last 15+ years with Fiber Optic Center, he has set up and/or optimized manufacturing facilities for fiber assemblies at over 100 companies worldwide.

In a previous position as VP-Operations for US Fiber Optics, he created and managed assembly manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico and China. He has written 4 papers on the processing of singlemode connectors and remains one of the pioneers in manufacturing low return loss connections. He has worked with fiber assembly operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, India and Africa.

Mr. Goduco continues to provide technical consultation in the setup, staffing, operations and qualification of fiber optic assembly manufacturing all over the world.

Dan Rocheleau

Dan Rocheleau

Termination Expert

Mobile: 617-899-5445


Dan has worked in fiber optic cable assembly since 1986, starting as a part-time line operator for a local cable production company and working his way up through to management positions in large global companies. His experience includes positions in process training, supervision, product and process engineering, quality system development and management, factory general management, global factory startups, and global project management roles. He has held several overseas positions, opening and managing factories in Mexico, India, China, and Czech Republic. He has led global project efforts in sourcing / supplier auditing, global process standardization, and global operations strategic planning.

Dan’s extensive experience gives him a unique ability to relate to help FOC’s customers meet challenges, adapt and grow in the evolving and competitive fiber cable assembly market.

Kelly Barker

Kelly Barker

Epoxy Expert

Mobile: 508-264-5600


Kelly Barker started her career in customer service, marketing and sales. Since then, she has been promoted to management positions in these departments, project management director, and new business development with a specialty in product line marketing strategy.

Kelly joined Fiber Optic Center, Inc. from PennWell Corporation where she spent more than five years in business development within various industries including Fiber Optics, Cabling, Connector, LED, Military and Aerospace. She has worked extensively with adhesive manufacturers on their product lines and applications within these markets.

Kelly graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in 1997 with a BS degree in Marketing and Management and a minor in Legal Studies. She resides in Nashua, NH with her husband and two girls, Maizie and Audrey. She enjoys being involved in community activities, such as park and recreation sports with her girls, and enjoys camping and reading.

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