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“My sales rep at FOC is one of the most helpful individuals I have come across when trying to order fiber optic components. I have quit trying to order from anyone or any other company except my rep at FOC in a long time. You always have the best price and you get it to me as timely as possible. You have yet to disappoint me!   Thanks for all the hard work and making my job 1000 times easier.”

Christopher Mullins, Harris Corporation

“Schedules in the CM industry can become hectic and the ability to get quick support when issues arise is key.  We want to take a second and thank you for the diligence you have shown supporting us during this start up. I have personally worked in the electronics industry for almost 30 years. These days it is not common to get customer service at the level Fiber Optics Center has provided.  We look forward continuing our business relationship!”

David Molyneux, M.E. Technician-Specialist, Global Manufacturing Solutions, TT Electronics


“CommScope has sincere appreciation for the help and support FOC’s entire team as provided us over the past few years. FOC has gone out of their way to help us not only with excellent advice on selection of equipment, accessories and consumables, but also with process development, yield improvement and failure analysis.  The FOC team has gone above and beyond anything that can be expected from an equipment vendor and goes to the core of FOC’s dedication to customer focus and service.  I value not just the professional relationship that FOC has developed with CommScope but also the personal friendship that my colleagues and I have developed with all of you.”

Atit Mashruwala, Principal Engineer, Process - CommScope

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” An Edmund stage for adjusting the height on our Sagitta Laser cleaver broke.  Erwin stripped down his demo machine back home in the Netherlands and expressed the part up to us with instructions from the manufacturer on how to replace it.  We were up running again faster than we really could expect.  That kind of service and support is what makes me keep coming back to FOC.”

Tomas Ekström, Production Manager, TD Fiberoptik Sweden


” We at Power Technology greatly appreciate your candor and follow-up with our problem.  It was very refreshing to add a vendor (to a very short list) that was straightforward with a problem resolution, instead of offering up a magical solution to an imaginary problem.  Well done”

Tom Jackson, Production Engineer, Power Technology, Inc.

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“I approached Fiber Optic Center because we were having a problem getting consistent results with our connector polishing process.  Paul, who handles my account,  told me that he would see if he could get one of the outside guys to stop by and take a look.  Within a week, Dan was in my office, working hand in hand with our operators to figure out the problem.  Dan stayed late that evening, and even came back the next morning to put a process in place that greatly improved our process and yield!  We saw an immediate improvement in both quality and efficiency.

The one thing I like about working with FOC is the ability that they have to explain the technical aspects of fiber optics to all levels of my work force.  Whether it’s a seasoned veteran, or a new hire, every time they come out our team improves.  They are easy to work with, and always eager to help out.  I would recommend FOC to everyone except my competition!”

Chris Foy – Lynn Electronics Corporation


“On behalf of company Sylex I have to  openly say that  FOC is our valuable partner which gives us very  strong support. In case of any device, technology, or problem which we would like to discuss with the experts, we can turn to Erwin and his colleagues. We really appreciate the positive approach especially in the case of testing and evaluation of new manufacturing and testing equipment.  Based on the fact that Erwin is located in Europe we can  count on very  quick feedback and support.  With this cognition, we know that in the future, we will have a mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Eduard Koza, Engineering Manager, Fiber Optic Interconnections - SYLEX, s.r.o., Slovak Republic


“When it comes to grading a supplier, one must evaluate Quality of the product, response time, knowledge of the products and processes, customer support, and most of all – Trust. Fiber Optic Center gets an A+ for all of these. We consider FOC a valuable partner for helping with our rigid ramping requirements and providing the highest quality products and ongoing customer support. Thanks again!”

Jim Henschel, MFG Director - Clearfield


“We encountered an unexpected problem during the last step in our process development and the FOC was quick to help us find an effective solution.  I contacted the FOC to discuss our options and they had their recommended product in my hands the next day.”

Jonathan Goettler - Avo Photonics,Inc.


“I have had a long, wonderful relationship with the personnel at FOC.  They are extremely professional and customer service minded.  On one occasion we had difficulty with a particular machine’s performance.  We contacted them, and they were quick to respond and to advocate for us with the factory to remedy the issues.  Mario and David especially were attentive to our needs, and were not satisfied till we were happy with the results.  Their competency and knowledge of the industry is also superb.  They are my ‘go to’ default for equipment technology and industry trends.”

Michael Strawn - Cablcon, Carrollton,TX

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“My experience with Fiber Optic Center has been supportive and value added in the challenges that we encounter at AFSI.  The product listing and knowledge base of the staff of FOC has established a quality organization.”

Phillip Herman, Advanced Manufacturing and Test Manager – Amphenol Fiber Systems International




“Rosenberger Brazil has had FOC as a supplier for many years.  They have an excellent team and excellent product quality. Everything that we need we go first to them: consumables, equipment, tools.  But their support in process, information about new consumables or technologies in the market is the quality we love more. It’s very easy to deal with them.  After many years of excellent relationship, we got more than a good supplier, we have good friends.    Thank you FOC team for all these years of relationship!”

Débora Zani, Production Manager, Rosenberger Domex Brasil





“StellarNet, Inc. has been a customer of Fiber Optic Center for over 15 years and in my experience, purchasing couldn’t be made any easier!  I have had the best customer service, when dealing with Fiber Optic Center and will continue to be a loyal customer.”

Debra Persell - StellarNet, Inc.


“One extremely important item missing from the distribution details is the know-how, the actual procedures and processes that go with each piece of equipment…

that is the FOC difference”

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