Product Inventory Management and a quick snapshot….

Product management, systems and best practices are topics that marketing managers discuss and compare notes on.

Here is a quick snapshot on our plans and the specifics behind them.


At the core of FOC’s business is productivity, determined by how efficient and organized we make the functions within our company.

We are committed to offer our customers complete information, technical solutions and the best user experience possible.

Under our product responsibilities, we have a process for PIM (Product Information Management) and PCD (Product Communication Development).

  • PIM (Product Information Management) includes the product specific data (product descriptions, images, datasheets, literature, videos, etc.)
  • PCD (Product Communication Development) includes the technical solutions articulated by our experts through customer questions and answers, video demonstrations, blogs and articles.


Our management system encompasses the PIM and PCD processes and practices.   A lot of acronyms but what are we doing / how are we doing it are the real questions, right?  Well, one of our very exciting initiatives includes a new Product Inventory Management – the actual software tool – also known as PIM.  It is our single source for product data that will simplify and automate the syncing process on all platforms.  The advantage of using a PIM system is effective multi-channel marketing.   You can hear my excitement inserted here?

The new PIM will automate product information updates and correct errors by synchronizing all channels.  This will be a huge time savings for our product management team.

The FOC Cooperative Marketing Program will benefit from the improved organization of all the product content in the catalog, mobile apps, websites and social media.  Consistent and improved product data (pictures, descriptions, categories, related content, etc.) is very exciting.

We have road mapped strategic, marketing, internal operations and e-commerce goals.


Strategic Goals

  • Improve Customer Experience

Our customers are overworked and stressed like most in the workforce so it is our job to make business with us as efficient, seamless and pleasant as we can.  In addition to the new website roll outs this year, the cycle of listening and responding to our customer’s evolving needs will continue and roadmap further opportunities to build fluid solutions.

  • Improve Internal Efficiency

FOC is dedicated to provide our staff with the support mechanisms that allow them to master their work.  Improved systems and processes enable development and success.


Marketing Goals

  • Develop Strategic Branding/Perception
    • more attractive brand image
    • consistency among images, videos and product descriptions in the various channels used by the company
  • Manage Accuracy/Quality
    • immediately verify discrepancies and omissions in our online store for solutions
  • Improve effectiveness/user experience
  • Increase online speed
  • Create most effective SEO for products


Internal Operations Goals

  • Avoid task repetition
  • Single location access for all information
  • Create faster, simplified updates


e-commerce Goals

  • Business growth to handle increased volumes through PIM
  • Complex multi-channel marketing mix
  • Personal, seamless and confident online shopping experiences


The new FOC PIM will ensure that all information and product content is in order, updated and without error to improve online search engine functions, traffic and sales conversion.

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