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Thixotropic Gel /AL-12




Thixotropic gels, also known as greases, are 1-part materials that flow when pressure is applied, and remain in place when the force is removed (like Vaseline).   These materials are generally used to displace the air gap between two optical elements.


They do not form a permanent bond between the two elements and generally need other mechanical fastening to insure structural integrity of the joint.  Joints interconnected in this way are easily made and remade.  The gel can be easily and completely cleaned off the substrates.  Being a 1-part material, thixotropic gels are easy to use, and very appropriate for laboratory/experimental situations where making/unmaking of a connection is anticipated.

The AngstromLink thixotropic gels are comprised of an optical grade polymer fluid immobilized in a nanoparticle powder. They are non-toxic, inert and compatible with most optical plastics, glasses, crystals and semiconductors.
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SectionEgelAngstromLink AL-1246 is a thixotropic ultra-clear optical gel comprised of an optical grade polymer fluid immobilized in a nanoparticle powder. The product is a one-part, ready-to-use gel which will flow under pressure but is non-migrating when at rest. AL-1246 offers service temperatures up to +150°C (+260°C for 1-2 minutes for soldering operations)

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