A hike was planned for the second chapter of the FOC 20 –5 -1 Campaign for Children’s Cancer Research (20 mountains, 5 states, 1 mission – A Cure).

The original version intended to be a 15.1 mile in-and-out trek from the North Twin Trailhead with the overall goal of summiting three different mountains in one day:

North Twin Mountain, South Twin Mountain, and Galehead Mountain.


Why three mountains in one day?  It is not for lack of other responsibilities or tasks for the three young men setting out to accomplish this.  Kelly Skelton, balancing full-time schooling and employment, was joined by Gianni Newman (Business Marketing and Management student at UML balancing work and four courses this summer) and David Seybert (a senior marketing student at the Manning School of Business, working full time).


Three mountains in one day because in New England, there are a finite number of weekends one can hike safely and reaching the goal of 20 mountains for this campaign takes strategic planning.


These young men immediately realized that the length of their hike would be extended just as they arrived at the trailhead in Bethlehem, NH last Sunday.  The gate to the trailhead was locked. This immediately tacked on an additional 2+ miles forcing them to walk down a dirt road for the first hour of the trek.


The hike began at 4:50am and finished at 2:55pm. The final mileage ended up being 23 miles, 15.1 from the original and an additional 7.8 for the gate being locked and the choice to scale down from a different trail.


They took the North Twin Trailhead to ascend and descended on the Gale River Trail, stopping at the Galehead Hut in between the summits of South Twin and Galehead. There was rain for about one hour of the hike but that paled in comparison to the over two miles facing them to return to their vehicle after finally scaling down the Gale River trail with the 5,528 foot total elevation behind them.  Kelly noted that even after all he completed last summer for this cause, this was the longest hike he had ever done.


“This hike demanded a tremendous amount of adversity and I am so thankful to have made it off the mountains safely.” – Kelly Skelton



North Twin Mountain Information

  • Elevation: 4,760 feet (1,451 meters)
  • Prominence: 299 feet (91 meters)
  • Location: Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
  • Range: Twin Range
  • Coordinates: 44°12.14′ North, 71°33.5′ West





South Twin Mountain Information

  • Elevation: 4,902 feet (1,494 meters)
  • Prominence:  1,522 feet (464 meters)
  • Location: Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
  • Range: Twin Range
  • Coordinates: 44°11.25′ North, 71°33.32′ West





Galehead Mountain Information

  • Elevation: 4,024 feet (1,227 meters)
  • Prominence:  264 feet (80 meters)
  • Location: Franconia, NH (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
  • Range: Twin Range
  • Coordinates: 44°11’07” North     71°34’25” West





When asked about their individual involvements with this particularly difficult endeavor, Kelly first commented, “I am hopeful that if we can get this story out to corporations, they will want to help support the campaign.  This is all positive, hard work to make a difference in the lives of children who are being faced with cancers and a lack of funding to find a cure.

I am just a twenty-two year old trying to keep myself going in hopes that we get some financial support soon.  Hiking is not my dream for the few hours I have off each week but this is an important situation that needs attention.”

Gianni added, “When Kelly invited me to hike for this cause, I was motivated to do so. I currently have three family members who are suffering from major diseases.  I know that hiking these steps is not the direct cure, but it helps raise greater awareness for kids fighting cancer.  23+ miles of hiking was the most I’ve ever achieved in one day, but I’d love to accomplish even more.”



The 20-5-1 fundraiser has a goal to raise $100,000 for pediatric cancer research and childhood cancer research awareness this summer of 2019. The updates about this campaign can be found on the 20-5-1 Campaign Page including a bit about each hike.

The first was: The Best Laid Plans of Mountains and Men: Crocker Mountain


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