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FOC 20 –5 -1 Campaign for Children’s Cancer Research

20 mountains, 5 states, 1 mission – A Cure


What’s is the 20-5-1?

Kelly Michael Skelton, Fiber Optic Center, Inc.’s (FOC) Systems Architect during business days, has organized a hiking fundraiser with a goal to raise $100,000 and childhood cancer research awareness this summer of 2019 for Sophia’s Fund when he is out of the office. 

FOC is proud to support this event and Kelly’s ambitious goal to summit 20 mountains of over 4,000 feet in attempt to engage a community of businesses and families. Kelly will honor the children battling cancer by taking a photo with the Sophia’s Fund banner atop each peak using hashtags #20mtns5states1mission and #MoreThan4.

FOC will provide an opportunity to follow updates on Kelly’s steps to the total elevation of 96,739 feet (all 20 mountains) here on this 20-5-1 campaign page. A complete list of the mountains can be found on the right column of this page with dates being announced around weather conditions.  20-5-1 campaign hikes can be followed over the next few months on twitter @FiberOpticCntr and the FOC Facebook Page.

Why this cause?

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 19.  In the US,

  • 66% of childhood cancer patients will have long lasting chronic conditions from treatment
  • every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer
  • the average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6 years
  • 20% of children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. will not survive
  • 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 20 years 


Sophia’s Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides financial support to children undergoing cancer treatments and their families. Sophia’s Fund is in the battle to help increase childhood cancer awareness, funding, and RESEARCH. In addition to funding research to give all children with cancer the best chance for a cure, the organization assists with life changes; raising awareness to gain greater support in the local and national communities; and ultimately strive to allow families to focus their energy on the battle.

A penny helps us get one step closer to our goal

“I have not climbed 20 mountains in my entire lifetime, so this year’s goal is no easy feat. Please join me in this effort to stop childhood cancer. I am beginning the fundraising with a personal donation of $1,000.00. I will proudly summit twenty 4,000+ foot mountains this summer with the support given by the community. Let’s make a difference in this world together.”

- Kelly Michael Skelton


The total elevation of all 20 mountains is 96,739 feet. Therefore, at a rate of roughly $1 per foot, we have set our goal for the campaign at $100,000. In order to entice corporations, we have developed some sponsorship suggestions that will grant businesses access to become official sponsors and enjoy perks like special article features, news press and banner logos.


Online donations can be made at:

  • Step 1: Click Yellow DONATE button at top of page
  • Step 2: Select Debit/Credit Card Options
  • Step 3: PLEASE put in the (optional) Note that your donation is for the 20-5-1 campaign so we can track!  So important!

Become A Sponsor!

To find out more about Corporate Donations and Logo Inclusions on the Banner to be displayed each mountain top, email:

Gold (3 cents per foot) = $3,000

Silver (2 cents per foot) = $2,000

Bronze (1 cent per foot) = $1,000


About Kelly, the fundraiser, advocate, hiker

Kelly Michael Skelton is a Systems Architect at Fiber Optic Center, Inc. and a MBA student finishing his degree this May at UML.  In addition to his full-time work, university studies and mentoring programs, Kelly has been involved with creating fundraising events for cancer research since middle school when his grandmother was diagnosed.

After meeting Tony Stoddard, Director of Sophia’s Fund, at an event that Kelly had created in high school, he learned that pediatric cancer is the lowest priority for treatment and research funding with only 4% being allocated. He learned and admired Tony’s devotion to increasing childhood cancer awareness, research and funding in memory of his son, Cole, who died at age 5 from Neuroblastoma.  Some might remember, last summer when Tony needed help completing #5MillionSteps for his  Appalachian Trail campaign, Kelly ‘stepped’ in with FOC’s step-by-step making a difference many places and 10-4 campaign.   The plan was for Tony to resume his campaign this summer but Tony, himself, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal cancer. While he is an inspiration, using his cancer, treatments, pain and suffering to raise awareness and funding, he needed a partner to continue his mission.

Last year was an incredible learning experience and served as quite taxing on my body. However, with advanced planning and additional support, I feel well prepared to set the bar higher for physical difficulty and inspire larger amounts of awareness and fundraising.  While I enjoy hiking, I am setting my sights on these summits with one mission in mind, fundraising enough for researchers to find a cure to childhood cancers. This journey will be an enormous challenge, but nothing compared to what these hundreds of thousands of families experience each year. I will walk, run and climb with their needs as my motivation.

-Kelly Michael Skelton



20 Mountains



Crocker Mountain (ME), 4,228, completed 6.1.19


North Twin Mtn (NH), 4,760, completed 6.16.19


Galehead Mountain (NH), 4,024, completed 6.16.19


South Twin Mountain (NH), 4,902, completed 6.16.19



Mount Ellen (VT) , 4,083, completed 6.30.19


Mount Jackson (NH), 4,052, completed 7.27.19


Mount Pierce (NH) , 4,311, completed 7.27.19


Mount Eisenhower (NH) , 4,780, completed 7.27.19


Mount Monroe (NH), 5,371, completed 7.27.19


Mount Washington (NH) , 6,288, completed 7.27.19


North Kinsman Mountain (NH) , 4,293, completed 8.10.19


South Kinsman Mountain (NH) , 4,358, completed 8.10.19


Mount Lincoln (NH), 5,089

completed 8.31.19


Mount Lafayette (NH)


completed 8.31.19


Little Haystack Mtn (NH)


completed 8.31.19