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For Bi-Directional testing, can I run the test in both direction and not have to swap the cable and run the test again?



It’s fair to say most assembly houses test the optical loss of a single mated pair using a launch cable connected to the DUT with the far end of the DUT plugged directly into the power meter via the adapter cap.  To complete the test, the DUT is flipped and the second connector is then tested.  Here is where people envision the time savings.  Won’t it be great to run the test in both direction and not have to swap the cable and run the test again?  Well yes, but here’s the rub: you have one side attached without a launch.  Bi-Directional test requires the use of a launch AND a receive cable, so when it light it shot in one direction there is a launch and when it’s shot in the opposite direction there is also a launch.

So if you aren’t already using the launch and receive cable method of testing you’ll have to change your test method to fully utilize the Bi-Directional feature.  The launch and receive jumper method for optical loss give the loss of the entire jumper in one direction.

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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team September 28, 2018


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