Why is The Phenix fibersect fiber cleaving device referred to as an ‘industry standard’ in some places?




Fiber Optic Center teams with quality-minded suppliers that offer cable assembly houses higher efficiencies, better quality, and/or a lower cost of manufacturing. Here are a few reasons why we partner with Phenix Fiber Optics – and why so many FOC customers are adopting the Phenix fibersect fiber cleaving device:

  • Some of the largest fiber optic cable manufacturers have adopted this technology. In fact, US Connect, a leader in manufacturing high-quality MT ferrules, lists the fibersect as a recommended piece of equipment for its customers that are processing US Connect’s MT ferrules.
  • Both smaller “boutique” cable assembly houses as well as large, multinational companies have conducted extensive ROI analysis and product evaluations with favorable results with significant cost savings in consumables, employee training, and throughput with fibersect use.
  • The Phenix fibersect provides the simplicity, consistency, and performance required on quality fiber optic cable assembly production lines. This mechanical fiber cleaving device is simple, precise, adjustable, and affordable.
  • Fully supported demos are available for evaluation.
  • Phenix offers a 1-year comprehensive warranty and excels in providing complete, expedient customer support.
  • Repair and servicing, if necessary, is fast and easy due to the portability of the fibersect.
  • The fibersect can process any multi or single fiber connector or ferrule, and there are customizable options to enhance its performance: vacuum dust collector, footswitch, and cut counter. Plus, a range of adapters is available.
  • Regarding return on investment (ROI): If you manufacture 1,000 connectors per month, you will start seeing returns on the investment quickly. As a general rule of the thumb, the cost is 15 cents per cut using a Phenix fibersect.







  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team June 5, 2018



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