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Best Practice tips and techniques for epoxy burst pouch / burstable seal bi-packs.

You may want to save these tips – and refer to them when training your cable assembly production team.



Here are instructions for burst pouch bi-packs

(with notes for best results)


Step 1: Roll the pouch toward the burst seal.


Step 2: Use your thumbs to apply pressure and rupture the burst seal.


Step 3: Use a table edge to mix the resin and hardener (Part A and Part B).

I recommend counting 25 passes to achieve a uniform color and mixture. In each pass, methodically push all the material to one end of the package, then to the other end. Check the corners of the bi-pack to ensure all the material is mixed in. Counting the number of passes (instead of minutes) helps to ensure a uniform mixture, without overmixing.

Also, be sure to note the time. The epoxy’s pot life and work life begin the instant it’s mixed. Some epoxies have a pot life of 2 hours, some are 24 hours, so be sure to read the data sheet. It’s extremely helpful to set up an efficient, streamlined production process, which can minimize epoxy waste.


Step 4: Cut the corner of the package and squeeze the mixed epoxy into a dispensing syringe.

Once in the syringe, it must be degassed. To remove trapped air, you can use a vacuum de-airing process or centrifuge, depending on what works best for your process and application.


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