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“CommScope has sincere appreciation for the help and support FOC’s entire team as provided us over the past few years. FOC has gone out of their way to help us ……….”  read more from CommScope

“On behalf of company Sylex I have to  openly say that  FOC is our valuable partner which gives us very  strong support. In case of any device, technology, or problem ……….”  read more from Sylex

“We consider FOC a valuable partner for helping with our rigid ramping requirements and providing the highest quality products and ongoing customer support ……….”  read more from Clearfield

“The one thing I like about working with FOC is the ability that they have to explain the technical aspects of fiber optics to all levels of my work force.  Whether it’s a seasoned veteran, or a new hire, every time they come out our team improves. ……….”  read more from Lynn Electronics Corporation

“We encountered an unexpected problem during the last step in our process development and the FOC was quick to help us find an effective solution ……….”  read more from Avo Photonics, Inc.

“I have had a long, wonderful relationship with the personnel at FOC.  They are extremely professional and customer service minded ……….”  read more from Cablcon

“Rosenberger Brazil has had FOC as a supplier for many years.  They have an excellent team and excellent product quality.  Everything that we need we go first to them ……….”  read more from Rosenberger Domex Brasil

“An Edmund stage for adjusting the height on our Sagitta Laser cleaver broke.  Erwin stripped down his demo machine back home in the Netherlands and expressed the part up to us with instructions from the manufacturer on how to replace it………..”  read more from TD Fiberoptik Sweden

“We at Power Technology greatly appreciate your candor and follow-up with our problem.  It was very refreshing to add a vendor (to a very short list) that was straightforward with a problem resolution………..”  read more from Power Technology, Inc.

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