Dimension Technology releases EasyGetWiFi, its portable handheld fiber end-face visual inspector. Equipped with WiFi and USB port for image transmission, EasyGetWiFi can transfer the captured fiber end-face image quickly to display terminals like smartphone, tablet and laptops. It’s compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Linux platforms. With the help of EasyGetWiFi, it’s quick and easy to analyze the defects on fiber end-face and save the image for tracing-back.

EasyGetWiFi has <1um resolution. The sharpness and image quality set the higher benchmark in the market. Benefit from the unique optical design and Dimension Technology’s KNOW-HOW in fiber visual inspection, the inspector can catch the finest scratch. EasyGetWiFi will be your best choice for fiber visual inspection.

Click here for complete information on the Dimension EasyGet 200-400x Digital USB Inspection Probe w/WiFi

Dimension EasyGet 200-400x Digital USB Inspection Probe w/Wifi
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