The DE2600 is designed to provide a quick view of the entire MT end face and also zooms into each individual fiber. Our DE2600 accommodates all of the standard PC and APC Connectors including the entire MT Connector Series.

Domaille Engineering MT Zoom Video Microscope. 42x - 589x & 1184 approximate video magnifications. Includes ME-12306 high resolution CCD NTSC/EIA camera, linear slide to accept up to 4 connector types. Requires adapter and monitor sold separately. (Other camera options available)

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Ideal tool for production area as well as laboratory inspection
  • View entire MT end face and each individual fiber
  • Adjustable ring light illumination and blue LED co-axial illumination
  • High Resolution CCD Video
  • Video Magnification 42x, 589x & 1184x
  • Receptacles for UPC, APC and Multi-Fiber


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