How do you achieve the target fiber height of +/-20 nanometers?



Today, fiber height is the easiest geometry parameter to control. How do you achieve the target fiber height of +/-20 nanometers?

The tightened tolerance of +/-20 is surprisingly easy to achieve with the advanced final polishing lapping films now available. In fact, two new films enable you to control the fiber height you generate – along with the specific pressure, speed, and pad durometer that you identify for your facility’s production environment.

These new final polishing lapping films are:

  • ÅngströmLap Ultimas-P – This protrusion final film generates positive fiber height
  • ÅngströmLap Ultimas-U – This final lapping film generates negative fiber height

I had the opportunity to tour the Ångström facility in Japan and learned about the manufacturer’s propriety process. These two final films control the depth of material, deposition of material, particle size, and other physical attributes that govern fiber height.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team March 26, 2019




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