We are a fiber optic cable assembly manufacturer.  For epoxy bi-packs, what are the typical package sizes?



For fiber optic cable assembly manufacturers, bi-packs of 2.5-gram and 4-gram are typical package sizes for epoxy. While these packages contain a very small amount of material, they support the fabrication of quite a few cable connectors and assemblies. (Note that epoxy package sizes range from 2-gram to 10-gram and higher.)

Which package size best suits your process? Given the many considerations, the choice is not as clear-cut as you may think. Often, customers ask me questions like this:

  • “I use two 2-gram packages, but throw away most of the second package, because I don’t need it all. However, I’m reluctant to buy 4-gram packages, because I would still have waste. What do I do? Which package size is best for my process?”
  • “We buy the 4-gram package to get a better price per gram. But there’s always some waste. Throwing away unused epoxy is like throwing away money. What do you suggest?”
  • “Our process requires very little epoxy, and we use the smallest package size available. Even so, there’s still some waste. Why can’t we purchase packages with a smaller quantity?”


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team October 29, 2018




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