We are considering using MT thermoset or thermoplastic ferrules in our cable assemblies.  What do we need to know before deciding?




A development that can improve your polishing process is Fiber Optic Center’s Ångström polishing films now offer a silicon dioxide coated flock pile pad. This new polishing pad is specifically designed to enhance the surface quality of the glass fibers and provide a higher quality polish while maintaining the generated fiber protrusion.

When discussing Chemical Mechanical Planarization (also called Chemical Mechanical Polishing or CMP) with process engineers at cable assembly houses, I find there are a lot of questions about flock pile pads. Keep in mind that your specific CMP process will be dictated by the material of the MT ferrule (thermoset or thermoplastic), the MT connector manufacturer, and your desired geometry and surface quality requirements.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team March 5, 2019



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