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What’s the easiest way to load a syringe with a mixed package of epoxy?



It’s important to have BOTH HANDS available to do the job. This means your syringes should be clean, ready to use, and positioned for loading. I recommend using a test tube rack to hold the syringes vertically. My favorite tip: If you don’t have a test tube rack, there are 2 ways to improvise.

Tape the syringes to the side of a table or desk.

Fashion a simple fixture from a block of Delrin (wood works ok) with a drilled hole slightly larger than the diameter of the syringe barrel. Drill the hole all the way through the block so any spillage doesn’t collect at the bottom. Also, a larger block offers a more stable base, with room for multiple syringes.


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  Answered by AskFOC Technical Team January 31, 2019



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