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On the production floor, time is money, so we have put together a list of the greatest inspection needs when focused on helping protect the bottom line.

This list of “necessaries” include:

  • Auto-focus. Built-in Autofocus capability eliminates manual time increase spent getting the image in optimized focus.
  • Automation workflow options.  In addition to Auto-Focus, Auto-Test, Auto File Naming, and Auto-Save after Test are crucial for keeping times down.
  • Single report for multiple tests. The ability to create groups of tests that can be displayed together in one consolidated test report increases efficiency.
  • Single test for both inspection and power measurement. The ability to create a certification report for both connector end faces and optical loss is crucial for industry standards.

Remember that contamination is the #1 cause of troubleshooting in optical networks and ensuring the cleanliness of fiber optic connectivity is essential whenever fiber is handled.

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