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Whether you’re using step ferrules or conical ferrules, you may have problems achieving consistent results for the 4 basic geometric characteristics – Radius, Angle/Apex, and Key Error – that are relevant to the APC polishing process. The following paragraphs offer troubleshooting tips to overcome common polishing issues.

Equipment checks:

  • Rubber pads – If the pads are more than 6 months old, they may show uneven wear. This wear will negatively affect Radius and Apex/Angle results. The replacement schedule is dependent upon use. It is best determined by monitoring Radius and Apex statistics, and replacing rubber pads when values approach control limits. For time-based replacement schedules, I’d recommend every 6 months for moderate-to-heavy use and no longer than 1 year for low-to-moderate use.
  • The fixture – Holes in the fixture will wear out over time (generally 3 to 5 years), which can impact parameters (mostly Angle/Apex). Pin gauges can be used to monitor hole diameters, but since wear is often not symmetrical, it’s difficult to quantify hole roundness/ovality. Often, the best way to verify that hole-wear is still acceptable is to return the plate to the manufacturer for measurement or try a new “loaner” fixture and see if results improve significantly.
  • Plastic clips in the polishing fixture – These can wear out or break and should be replaced periodically. Also, operators should always ensure connectors click into place properly.


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