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The four different versions of AngstromLap Ultimas Final Polish Lapping Film (Ultimas-P, Ultimas-U and two Ultimas Flock versions) can address multiple requirements and needs.

Here is a very brief overview of the different types of AngstromLap Ultimas Final Polish Lapping Films:

  • AngstromLap Ultimas-P Final Polish Lapping Film creates a positive fiber height for better physical contact and reflection values.
  • AngstromLap Ultimas-U Final Polish Lapping Film offers a slight undercut for higher connector matings.
  • AngstromLap Ultimas Flock Final Polish Lapping Film, designed for MTs, eliminates the core-dip on OM3-OM4 fibers and offers superior surface quality.
  • AngstromLap Ultimas Flock Final Polish Lapping Film, designed for large-core fibers (SMA connectors), offers a superior surface quality.

When scratches appear after using the final film, this typically relates back to earlier operational steps. It’s important to isolate and correct problematic issues throughout the assembly process. At Fiber Optic Center, we developed the AngstromLap Final Polish Lapping Film and fine-tuned the polishing process for fiber optic connectors.

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