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FOC-kskeltonOn the cable assembly line, the request for a polisher that allows you to program your processes through an easy-to-use PC-based Windows touch screen is constant. The need is to simplify and once programmed, have displays of your settings for speed, time, pressure, and prompts for the film, pad, and lubricant needed for each step of the process.

The technical staff at FOC has worked with many polishers on many lines and understands the frustrations of operators who need their processes defined, stored and accessible.

The machine that the FOC staff are currently working with and excited to demonstrate at ECOC is Domaille’s APM-HDC-5300 Programmable Polishing Machine.

Fiber Optic Center Domaille HDC-5300 Programmable Polishing MachineThis optical fiber polishing machine is capable of holding the close tolerances and repeatability required to consistently achieve superior production results when measuring apex offset, radius of curvature, fiber protrusion, back reflection and under-cut. Two factors are of utmost importance when selecting a polishing machine: yield and throughput. Yield is an indicator of quality and repeatability. Throughput is a measure of productivity. The Domaille polishers are leaders in the industry in terms of both yield and throughput.

At ECOC 2015, the FOC technical staff will demonstrate this connector polishing machine’s accuracy, easy setup, and operator efficiency that results in industry-leading yield rates. The demo will include adjusting platen force, speed, and time as well as how it is specially designed for complex multi-fiber applications like MPO or MTP.

A few of the key parts of the demo plans include:

  • Automatic Pressure Adjustment to account for a varying number of connectors inserted in the polishing fixture
  • Operator Step-by-Step Prompts for film, pad type, and lubricant
  • Force, Speed, and Time Displays on the touch screen panel for feedback of process step specific settings
  • Programmable pressure and speed ramp for slow starting polishing cycle
  • Programmable film change counter
  • Programmable maintenance section
  • Pneumatically-Controlled Polishing Pressure provides consistent polishing force regardless of ferrule length
  • Pivoting Overarm provides easy cleaning of fixtures between steps and quick change of fixtures
  • Cable Management System routes cables away from the polishing activity
  • Standard 5″ Platen with 8″ Option provides flexibility in fixture capacity and polishing film size
  • Drip Tray & Spash Guard swivels in for quick and easy cleaning of fixtures between steps
  • Robust Design uses the highest-quality materials machined to nano tolerances
  • Quick-Change Fixtures support all industry standard connector types, both single and multiple fiber
  • Available in English, Mandarin, Spanish, German & Polish languages

Need quick changes from one connector type to another? Looking for the ability to change languages and to export many key processing parameters?  Come to booth #602 with your exact needs.

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