New Bedford, MA, USA, February 22, 2016 Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leader in distributing fiber optic components, equipment and supplies and recognized as one of the most technically savvy fiber optics companies in the world, announces a Technical Discussion at OFC 2016.

FOC and their staff of Technical Experts offer an Industry Discussion at the OFC Booth # 2308, 11am on March 23, 2016 in Anaheim, CA.  Discussions will include optical coatings, optical cable & optical cable assembly problems, adhesives options, and new announcements in lapping film.

FOC Technical Experts at OFC

Randall Elgin will speak on low refractive index coating with simple application for antireflection films, fiber and waveguide cladding in Optical Coatings.

Wayne Kachmar is looking forward to interactive discussions on demonstrated practical experiences ranging from invention to full production of cutting edge cable designs in optical cable.  Additionally, Wayne is available for all optical cable assembly problems and solutions that Technical Horsepower Consulting can provide.

In the area of Epoxies and Adhesives, FOC has had extensive work with assuring the correct amounts in the connector, packaging options, and epoxy rings with visual inspection.  Both Kelly Barker and Mario Goduco will be on hand to discuss questions and experiences from the field.

Donna Brodie will be leading discussion on Lapping Film and the latest Ultimas-P that is being released at the show as a cost-effective protrusion producing film that meets Telcordia spec.  Samples of this new high performance final film will be available upon request.

In addition to the formal Technical Discussion on March 23rd at 11am, FOC can make ancillary appointments for anyone with a conflict at that time during the OFC Exhibition March 22-24, 2016.  Booth appointments can be made with marketing director Kathleen Skelton at  Free OFC 2016 Exhibits Passes can be provided by FOC.

FOC continues to serve the industry’s technical needs through the weekly helpful tips, Q&A through online AskFOC tool, and technical blogs and articles on the greatest challenges.  The following have resulted in topics requested for our discussions:

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