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New Bedford, MA, USA - March 19, 2021 – Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, reports on the Broadband Article presented at the March 11th Fairhaven, Massachusetts Town Meeting.

FOC is known for reporting on news and advancements in their fiber optic industry and found an excellent overview of both what fiber networking is about and how it impacts small and rural towns, right in their own neighborhood. The March 11, 2021 Fairhaven Town Meeting had a section in their presentation specifically on these topics and can found below.

Fairhaven, Massachusetts shares a harbor with the city of New Bedford, a place well known for its whaling and fishing heritage and where FOC is headquartered; consequently, Fairhaven’s history, economy, and culture are closely aligned with those of its larger neighbor. Broadband has become a critical focus for this town with needs from remote work and schooling requiring stronger service and better understanding of the options for this area located on the South Coast of Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the key discussion points in the video include:

  • Differences between technologies from DSL, to Starlink, other satellite technologies and 5G.
  • How society categorizes connectivity separate from utilities (water, sewer electricity)
    • Should it be categorized as a fourth utility?
    • Is this infrastructure an essential infrastructure?
  • Acknowledgment from the federal government that we need to focus on broadband
    • Timely introduction of internet access bill for $100 billion into the House of Representatives
  • What individual communities need to be discussing and planning on their agendas and budgets
  • What the limits of fiber are and are not
  • How splitter technology impacts these discussions
  • ISP is in the cloud and how it gives consumers choice

FOC continues to work within its fiber optic industry on advancements necessary for all options on the mission to provide everyone superior broadband. For more information on their mission, FOC can be contacted directly at

Watch the webinar below.

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Fiber Optic Center reports on the Fairhaven, Massachusetts Fairhaven Broadband Webinar town meeting
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