A video overview of the Sagitta Cometx-SI Laser Cleaving System for MT and Simplex Connectors

The Cometx-SI enables efficient and quick laser cleaving of the fiber after the epoxy curing step. The cleaving is free of chips and other mechanical cleave problems and also enables much more efficient polishing by eliminating at least 1 diamond polishing step from the standard connector termination process.

Cost Benefits of Laser Cleaving Prior to Polishing

  • Reduces consumable costs
  • Minimizes abrasive consumable cost (1-2 polishing operations eliminated)
  • Eliminates scribe blade wear-out
  • Higher yields
  • Increases throughput (or) reduces headcount
Click here for complete information on the Sagitta CometX SI Laser Cleaving System for Simplex Connectors
cleaving process
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