Seikoh Giken’s SFP-560A provides high volume assemblers with an ultra ruggedized polisher for 24/7/365 operation. Mechanical durability, low operational costs and reduced maintenance requirements offer near zero downtime for maximum return on investment.


  • Open workspace design offers creative handling solutions for Multi-Fiber, large O.D. cables
  • IPC mode: Independent Pressure Control - High Capacity, Mega-Axis Single-Fiber polishing
  • Dynamic Pressure Control (Pat. Pending) - Pneumatic, Pressurized Turntable pressurize from the bottom to the top for Multi-Fiber, Arrays, Waveguides
  • Multi-fiber ferrule epoxy removal can be done by SFP-560A; performs MT polishing similar simplicity to standard single fiber polishing
  • Process programmable (up to 60 processes)
  • Data Transfer via USB Interface
  • Backwards Compatible with SFP-550 Legacy fixtures and processes
  • Suitable for cellular manufacturing system.


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