Operating an MCVD is a hands-on activity. This is particularly true for the initial deposition and final tube straightening processes. Over the years, I’ve developed very specific techniques to control the process – and the outcome. Here are some quick tips:

  • During the initial deposition tube straightening step, it’s important to take time to properly form joints to prevent lost fabrication runs. If you have a thickened joint area, unfused oxides can condense, potentially plugging the exhaust tube and/or forming cracks.
  • In the final tube straightening process, there is one final step, which I call stress relief. Some stresses may have developed during the straightening process. When your burner initially heats up at the process start point the tube could sag. To prevent this possibility I heat the headstock end very warm and look for tube sagging. If sagging occurs, the exhaust end is lightly heated while supporting the headstock end to eliminate runout.
  • Read more tips on tube straightening: “Preparing to manufacture an optical fiber preform.”


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